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Standard haircut + Beard trim Combo Deal


Revamp your style with our exclusive combo deal at Goodhood NZ, combining a standard haircut with a precise beard trim. Our skilled barbers are masters of their craft, ensuring your haircut is tailored to perfection, reflecting your unique style and preferences. From classic to trendy, they deliver precise cuts that leave you looking sharp and confident.

In addition to the haircut, our combo deal includes a meticulous beard trim. Our barbers will expertly shape and groom your beard, creating clean lines and a well-defined look. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated style or a rugged and masculine appeal, our barbers will bring out the best in your facial hair.

Experience the convenience and excellence of our combo deal at Goodhood NZ, leaving the salon with a fresh haircut and a perfectly groomed beard that effortlessly complement each other. Trust our skilled barbers to transform your look and elevate your grooming game.